Education Edge Training

Here is a list of some of the areas where I can help you to get the most out of The Education Edge™ and all related modules:

– Assistance preparing your Education Edge™ or other Student Information System (SIS) data for a data conversion to Blackbaud© Cloud Solution For K12 Schools™, Blackbaud© Education Management For Higher Ed™ or another Student Information System (SIS). Data conversions are unique opportunities to clean up your data, audit the table values in all of your select (pull-down) menus, remove duplicates, eliminate redundancy and ensure that improvements to your system tables and data have been made with special attention given to each relevant area within the new target application. A cleaned up set of data that is tailored to your new system will speed adoption by your users, provide improved reporting from day 1, and will overall make everyone’s life easier!

– System Audit: Identify improvements to data tables, system configuration, business rules, Scheduling setup/configuration, Grading setup/configuration, School/Academic Year structure/configuration and other areas. Identify best-practice based improvements that have been beneficial to similar schools using Education Edge.

– Online Inquiry, Admissions, and Reenrollment Forms: Add new Education Edge™ system fields or Attributes (custom fields) to forms, update “pull-down menu” selections within forms, connect “text” form fields to Education Edge™ system fields, edit layout & styling of forms, make improvements to form language, landing pages, and improvements to general form user experience, connect form elements to (Applicant Track) Checklist Items, create dashboards displaying form activity such as outstanding reenrollment form submissions, create or remove email notifications for school staff upon receipt of new submissions – and much more!

– FAWeb™ setup/configuration, training & improvements

– NetClassroom™ setup/configuration, training & improvements

– Query and Export Training (EE, FE, RE)

– Admissions Office™ – Configuration of Tracks and an audit of Applicant Status values. Improvements to the flow and management of applicant information between online forms, the Applicant Record, Admissions Tracks, Actions, and the utilization of Dashboards.

– Training and configuration of Dashboards for Applicant Statuses, Reenrollment monitoring, and monitoring of any Education Edge data area.

– Configuration and testing of online reenrollment management utilizing a Reenrollment Track, an Online Reenrollment Form, and a Reenrollment Dashboard that displays students with outstanding Reenrollment Agreements/Deposits.

– Development of imports of information from 3rd party data or other sources.

– Development of Exports for data transmission to 3rd party or other outside systems such as class roster data to a 3rd party gradebook solution.

– Assisting with the configuration, testing and running of the Blackbaud Education Edge™ – Raiser’s Edge™ Integration Utility.

– Development of imports to The Raiser’s Edge™/RE NXT™ of new student and new family information, along with the corresponding Education Edge (or other Applicant Management or Student Information System) Exports with a checklist of file changes to convert the Export file to the required Import file format.

If you are interested in improving the use of The Education Edge and related modules at your Independent School, contact me today to discuss a custom on-site or remote training or consulting project.

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